Rollfit® the original drying process without dryer

Filtration and drying with a filter press


Rollfit® is an original process enabling to realise filtration and drying on the same equipment: the filter press.
Separation of solid and liquid followed by a drying operation can be realised without manipulation of the product to be treated.

The suspension is pumped into the Rollfit® and then filtrated until obtaining an appropriate cake.
Then the cake is dried until the dryness required for its future transformation or utilisation.

Characteristics and advantages

• Filtration and drying in one on the same machine
• No product handling between filtration and drying
• Retrofit of existing filter press into a Rollfit®
• Process controlled by the parameters, temperature, vacuum and time
• Vacuum drying
• No thermoplastic phase
• No danger of explosion or dust burn out
• Reduced floor space
• Drying solid on request